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and Efficiency


What does it consist of

Patented bracelet-type system that integrates an ultra-wide band pulse radio (UWB) module intended for the collective and individual safety of operators in emergency situations in open or closed industrial environments.




• Ensure the complete evacuation of all personnel and / or have precisely located within the facilities those workers who have not been able to reach the exit or meeting point


• Activate emergency alerts manually or automatically by sensing the heart rate.


• Activate collective or personal notices in the event of certain situations of potential risk for workers.

Among the functional characteristics of the bracelet are:


Red light

This light will be activated under emergency circumstances, either when one operator or several, even simultaneously, recognize a critical situation in which an evacuation of the facilities or place where the activities are carried out is necessary.

It can also be activated from any space in the facilities or workplace that is under the technology installed for the device to function properly.


Green light

This light will be activated by the personnel responsible for projects, managers, team leaders or any person authorized to do so.

Its objective is to let one or more operators of one or more companies know that they must go without urgent action to the area or space previously agreed upon at the beginning of the work, such as an office.

This green light will flash intermittently and is also accompanied by the vibration and acoustic system.

Vibration system

This system is accompanied by any activation of lights.

That is, in the case of a general activation, Red light, to initiate an evacuation to a meeting point, everyone will feel a vibration in the wrist accompanied by flashes of the Red light.

In the cases in which the presence of a specific person is requested in the agreed spaces, they will feel a vibration in the wrist accompanied by flashes of the Green light.

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Sunk Button

This button will be activated in situations in which an interpreter operator is experiencing an emergency in which an evacuation of the facilities or work place is necessary, thus setting in motion the activations of the evacuation plan.

This button is designed recessed, that is, it does not protrude in its location on the device, in order not to be activated inadvertently by applying pressure on it by some movement of the wrist or in a fortuitous contact of the arrangement with some surface.


Highlight Activator

The activator boss is located on one of the straps. This is inserted into the concave hole of the sunken button, enabling the activation of the emergency.

For its correct activation, the person who carries the device and intends to activate an emergency situation, must remove the wrist arrangement, bend the strap and insert the projection into the sunken button.





The device is fitted with a heart rate monitor with the aim of knowing in case of having activated the emergency signal and having detected that one or more people are trapped in places of risk, to know in what state of life they are.

This will allow us to come to your rescue in the most efficient way possible, since this allows us to know your pulsations and thus very quickly organize the appropriate medical instruments for each situation.

Having two batteries installed in the device is very useful. One of the batteries, (B1), powers the operation of the components for emergency activation (Red light, vibration and acoustic signal), and individual call activation (green light, vibration and acoustic signal).

The other battery (B2) powers the heart rate monitor. The objective of this is to avoid excessive energy consumption of the device when it is not necessary to know or control the vital state of people. This battery (B2) could be activated only in emergency occasions or for work in confined spaces or for activities and immersion in the open sea.






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